Healthcare Company
focused on
Animal Therapy and
A healthcare company that focuses on animal therapy and well-being

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Plasma Healing Device
High Value Added
Combination Therapy
Bio Stimulation Microwave Plasma

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Plasma Healing Device
Therion Exo™
Special treatment is
available outdoors
Portable, Field Model, Steroid Free

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Clinical Trials
You can check various
clinical cases.
Wound / Infection / Lesion after surgery

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Ion Medical Application

  • Wound Treatment (Wound Healing)

  • Relieving Pain Relief (Pain Reduction)

  • Wildlife Treatment (Potable Treatment)

  • Skin Treatment (Wound Healing)

  • Treatment of animal teeth and ears (Wound Healing)

  • Special treatments such as racehorses and cows (No Medicine)

Introduction of clinical and research on Ion Medical

    • Check out leading plasma medical devices focused on animal therapy and well-being

    • We introduce Ion Medical, which consists of plasma science and microwave experts, animal clinical and preclinical experts for more than 20 years


Ion Medical features and advantages

  • Bio-Stimulation High Density, Multi-Type ROS,
    Microwave Combined Therapy Devices

  • Ozone Free Products certified by the
    accredited institution KTL
    (Korea Testing Laboratory)

  • Clinical Data Treatment after
    Wound / Infection / Surgery

Patent and Certification


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